The Pyrodydacts, 1999



The Pyrodydacts, 1999

Doug Russell guitar
Tristana Fiscella on vocals
Josh Blair on drums
and Sara Jaffe, on guitar and keyboard

C.D. Covers Handmade
Inkjet and Thread on Grocery bags, by Josh Blair & Tristana Fiscella 1999

Listen to the entire C.D. here:

“DO THE ARM THING AGAIN!” Star Garbage, Spring 2005

Listen here:

“No Level Ground”
Star Garbage, Spring 2005

from SocketsCDR Audio Zine 1, released 01 October 2005
Star Garbage is Tristana Maria Fiscella and Sean Peoples
Recorded and edited by Sean in Spring 2005

This piece was built from samples of Tristana’s voice of which there are many…

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